International Biotechnology Trust offers investors access to the fast growing biotechnology sector through an actively managed, diversified fund. Its award winning fund managers at SV Health Investors are scientifically and medically trained with over 60 years of experience in this specialist sector between them.

As well as investing in a wide ranging portfolio of global quoted biotechnology stocks, we include a small proportion of otherwise inaccessible carefully selected unquoted investments which have the potential to deliver additional returns over the long term. Excellent management teams, unique innovative products and strong potential for outperformance are the key criteria for inclusion in our diversified portfolio of assets.

For further information about the biotechnology sector investment thesis and the Company please refer to our investor presentation. Access to growth and incomeInternational Biotechnology Trust offers investors the rare combination of high capital growth and sustainable dividend income.

The Lead Investment Manager, Carl Harald Janson is celebrating his four year tenure with strong performance versus the benchmark, significantly outperforming the NBI on both a NAV and share price basis, with outperformances of 12. The NAV has also substantially outperformed the FTSE All-Share Index over the same period, with a return of 122.