The following is an explanation of the format that is to be used for writing lab reports. There will be lab activities for each Chapter in the textbook.

Anatomy & physiology class: writing lab reports

It is very important that they be done correctly and thoroughly. All lab reports should be typed using Times New Roman and only 12 font. In the upper left hand corner include your name, high school, and A & P class period. After your personal information you are to put a GOOD FAITH STATEMENT THAT YOU HAVE NOT COPIED THE LAB REPORT FROM ANYONE ELSE. THIS STATEMENT MUST BE PRESENT AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR LAB REPORT.


The lab activities for each chapter must in typed in one body and emailed using one attachment. Using your hgs email addy email your report to [email protected] . Remember to always list the subject of the lab in the correct area of the email. ALWAYS keep a back-up copy of your lab report.

It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you have received a reply within a reasonable amount of time from your instructor that your lab report has been received.

If you don’t receive a reply then you can assume your lab report was not received How to write a lab report for anatomy and physiology - Dissertations, essays and academic papers of best quality. work with our writers to get the quality review .

Lab grades will be deducted 10 points for each day late. Lab Reports are graded within a timely manner and you will be emailed with an explanation of your grade.

Always use words that are scientific in your report.

Example: Instead of “fizzes or bubbles”, use “a gas is given off” How to write a lab report for anatomy and physiology Three methods: activity 6: one can save on lab exercises in the caribbean. Sensors and a good lab reports .

In answering lab questions you should always use the scientific terminology learned in class that pertains to the lab activities. It is important that the directions for each activity (usually there are 3) in a lab report be read carefully before beginning. Most of the lab reports have questions that are matching or completion. The answers to those will be posted in Pageout the day after the Lab Report is due.

These will help you review for the chapter tests. UNLESS otherwise specified all labs will be due 2 days before the Chapter Test is given. If the test is on Friday for Chapter 1 then the Lab for that same chapter must be emailed the previous Wednesday by midnight.

) FORMAT FOR A LABORATORY REPORT (Go by this format in writing all lab reports for this course Write a lab report using the format below. Scientific data , 7 Formal Lab Report Template : Formal Lab Report Format. Anatomy & physiology.

) Performing laboratory experiments and making observations is a very important aspect in the study of science, but equally important is the manner in which you record your results. Your laboratory report should cover all the important information related to your experiment or observation.

Your lab report should be done in a very neat format. The following is a discussion of the major headings in your lab report.

Include all in your report unless otherwise directed. OBJECTIVEThe objective statement is a statement that explains the reason for doing the experiment. You also need to state the biological principles and concepts that are being used.

This section of your report needs to be at least 3 sentences.

MATERIALSThe materials section of your lab report should be an organized list of materials used for the experiment More is rarely better in scientific writing. 2. In general, it should take no more than 2-3 hours to write up a laboratory report. 3. The reports are individual projects, .

PROCEDUREThe procedure section needs to have a summary of the important activities done during the experiment. You do not need to have the step-by-step procedure; it should be in your own words.

ANALYSIS: includesThe analysis section of your report should be organized prior to performing your experiment, unless directed otherwise.

Some or all the following types of information may need to be included in the analysis. OBSERVATIONSObservations are what you observe with your senses during an experiment. Examples of possible observations are changes in physical or chemical conditions.

At times drawings or sketches may be needed to further explain your observations. DATAAny information that is used in determining the results of the experiment is usually classified as data.

How to write a lab report for anatomy and physiology - custom essays

Equipment and instruments must be read to the correct number of significant digits.

As a general rule, one estimated digit should be recorded as the final significant digit. TABLESIn many experiments the amount of information included in your observations and data will be extensive. Tables are a very efficient means of organizing information.

Sample tables are provided for some experiments. Whenever there are several calculated values, they should be organized in a table. CONCLUSIONS: DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE THIS!!The conclusions section of your laboratory report should thoroughly describe what you discovered during the laboratory experiment or observation.

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You also need to include how what you did in the lab relates to what has been discussed in class and use scientific terms learned in class. This must be at least 3 – 5 sentences in length.

ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS:Each lab will usually be followed by questions that will be connected with the experiment.

You should always type the question in CAPS, using thorough answer in regular font (size 12). ALWAYS skip a line between the answer and the question that follows.